Who are Malt Shop Rollers?

With a love of skates, an unreasonable attachment to summer festivals, and a penchant for dressing up, we couldn’t help but dream of a day where all festivals would sport a roller skating floor. Where folk could dance, sing, play and have a good time on eight wheels.

We provide activities and entertainment for people of all ages to get their party on, in an inclusive and welcoming space. We’ve developed festival stages, pop-up rinks at community fun days, youth programs, bars, birthday parties, performances, bat mitzvahs, and more. Wherever there’s a love of roller skating, we’ll be there.

Part performance; part voyeur’s dream, this engaging space invites people to step out of their comfort zones and into a world where interactivity is the art of this beast.

Tamsin Young | Malt Shop Rollers

Tamsin Young

Tamsin started skating at age 4, on ice and continued to skate. At 14, movies and boys had more appeal than 4am starts and so she was done. In the 90’s she was seen ripping it up on dancefloors at the Docks on rollerblades, or on the rooftop of Safeway playing street hockey. But it would be 2010, before she would discover her passion for roller derby and her current obsession with all things roller skates!

After 4 years on the track, playing at the highest levels of the sport, she couldn’t help but combine her love of all things with eight wheels and her career as a music and festivals Public Safety Officer. In 2014, the Malt Shop Be Bop Hop Roller Arena was born, designing customised public spaces where fun and safety go hand-in-gloved-hand. And a good thing too! It’s traveled throughout Victoria and the East Coast of Australia, providing good times and plenty of laughs for the thousands who have joined us!